Umodzi (Together)

Umodzi (13 mins., 2010) explores the power of community mobilisation through women’s groups to improve mother and child health and reduce mortality in Mchinji District, rural Malawi. Women, chiefs and health workers discuss the transformations in their communities brought about by community members collaborating in over 250 women’s groups established by MaiMwana Project. Women describe how collective action has helped to improve health and reduce mortality among mothers and children directly by preventing illness and changing behaviour and indirectly by empowering community members to take control of health issues that affect the health of these groups. MaiMwana Project is a collaboration between the Malawi Ministry of Health and the UCL Centre for International Health and Development and was established in Malawi in 2003. The film was funded by UCL Futures.

Marty Otañez, Producer and Assistant Professor
Anthropology Department, University of Colorado, Denver
blogs: Coalition for Excellence in Digital Storytelling

Mikey Rosato, Producer, University College London, Institute for Global Health

Brad Johnson, Editor

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