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PREVIEW: Episode 5. Unrealistic Disaster Scenarios

Saturday, February 24th, 2007

Unrealistic Disaster Scenarios is a 2 minute video that shows how tobacco companies weaken crop substitution and alternative livelihoods for tobacco farm workers in Malawi.

Anne Landman, a tobacco industry documents researcher, is the guest narrator in the video. Visit Anne’s collection of tobacco industry documents.

The video is the fifth episode in a series of six episodes that I created on the practices of tobacco companies to negate public health. Watch The Marlboro Train (episode 1) and The Smoking Gun (episode 2)

Episode 5 is a draft preview to correspond with the public hearing and meeting of the World Health Organization Sub-Committee on Crop Alternatives in Brasilia, Brazil, 26-28 February 2007. The finished video will be uploaded to in April 2007. I will upload Best Friends Forever (episode 3) and S.C.U.M. (episode 4) in March 2007.

Read the submission to the WHO public hearing written by Preeti Patel, Anna Gilmore, Jeff Collin, and myself.

BAT- British American Tobacco, a global cigarette manufacturer

ITGA- International Tobacco Grower’s Association, the agricultural lobbying group for BAT and other cigarette manufacturers

Agro-Tobacco Services- A UK-based consultancy company hired by BAT to promote tobacco grower interests and BAT economic interests