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“Ana A Topa,” GASP Malawi

Sunday, October 7th, 2012

You might know a lot about how smoking affects your body but how often do you think about the people and children who grow tobacco and how it affects their lives? Probably not very often and tobacco manufacturers would like to keep it that way which is why GASP formed a new charity called Ana A Topa, which means ‘the children are tired’. We launched it when we found out that the tobacco farmers were very sick and poor, despite the fact that the crop itself is very valuable. Guernsey’s young people were disgusted by this exploitation and manipulation and encouraged GASP to do something about it.

click here to watch the video Ana A Topa

Produced by Guernsey Adolescent Smokefree Project in 2011.

Union members and beneficiaries of GASP Malawi project

Monday, February 13th, 2012

GASP is a Guernsey charity which aims to reduce the prevalence of smoking among the young people of Guernsey.

Being aware of tobacco cultivation and learning about its origins is an important part of this education.

The Ana A Topa project helps farmers in Malawi grow maize instead of tobacco in a more environmental friendly way. This will not only benefit the environment but give tobacco farmers more food and profit. In turn, this can return their hope and help them out of poverty.

This video (7 mins.) shows what life is like for tobacco farmers and farm workers in Malawi.