Auraria Custodians: Tell Their Stories

December 8th, 2012

A Video Trailer of a Romero Theatre Troupe performance on November 10, 2012, by the workers who make our jobs possible at the Auraria campus comprised of the University of Colorado, Denver; Metropolitan State University of Denver; and Community College of Denver. A celebration and awareness of their stories, issues and daily struggles.

Event Flyer (pdf)

Romero Theatre Troupe
Colorado WINS
Colorado Jobs with Justice

Marty Otañez, Producer: marty[dot]otanez[at]ucdenver[dot]edu

Thank You: Itzel-Marine Gourmelon (Videographer) and Michelle Otañez (Graphic Designer)

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“Ana A Topa,” GASP Malawi

October 7th, 2012

You might know a lot about how smoking affects your body but how often do you think about the people and children who grow tobacco and how it affects their lives? Probably not very often and tobacco manufacturers would like to keep it that way which is why GASP formed a new charity called Ana A Topa, which means ‘the children are tired’. We launched it when we found out that the tobacco farmers were very sick and poor, despite the fact that the crop itself is very valuable. Guernsey’s young people were disgusted by this exploitation and manipulation and encouraged GASP to do something about it.

click here to watch the video Ana A Topa

Produced by Guernsey Adolescent Smokefree Project in 2011.

Union members and beneficiaries of GASP Malawi project

House Woman: Notes on Permaculture and Food Security in Malawi

February 27th, 2012

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Draft video, 27 February 2012

In spring 2006, Ethel discussed permaculture and food security in Malawi with me. I wanted to educate myself on sustainable agricultural activities and how a Malawian practices permaculture. These issues interest me as part of a larger project to explore healthy (agricultural chemical-free) crops and alternative livelihoods for tobacco farmers and farm workers in Malawi. Ethel agreed to videotaped interviews over two days in different areas in her garden near Chitedze Trading Center, 14 kilometers north of Lilongwe, Malawi’s capital city. In the 2000s, Ethel worked as a ‘house woman’ (domestic worker) for Stacia and Kristof Nordin. The Nordins are Malawi-based permaculture educators and advocates who operate

During her position with Stacia and Kristof, Ethel became a permaculturalist. The video is edited to showcase Ethel’s knowledge about farming indigenous plants and creating synergy among food, water, shelter and community.

Marty Otañez, Producer and Assistant Professor, Anthropology Department, University of Colorado, Denver
email: marty[dot]otanez[at]ucdenver[dot]edu

Katrina Greschner, Assistant and Anthropology graduate student, University of Colorado, Denver

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February 13th, 2012

GASP is a Guernsey charity which aims to reduce the prevalence of smoking among the young people of Guernsey.

Being aware of tobacco cultivation and learning about its origins is an important part of this education.

The Ana A Topa project helps farmers in Malawi grow maize instead of tobacco in a more environmental friendly way. This will not only benefit the environment but give tobacco farmers more food and profit. In turn, this can return their hope and help them out of poverty.

This video (7 mins.) shows what life is like for tobacco farmers and farm workers in Malawi.

Winter Season: Immigrant Status Change in Colorado

November 10th, 2011

DRAFT video, 10 November 2011

Marty Otañez, Producer and Assistant Professor, Anthropology Department, University of Colorado, Denver. Created in collaboration with with the Colorado Immigrant Rights Coalition. Funds Provided by the Center for Faculty Development, University of Colorado, Denver.

Human Rights and Tobacco Growing in Brazil

November 9th, 2011

A project of ACTbr (Allanca de Controle do Tabagismo) 18 minutes, 2008. DVD cover (pdf)

Turning Their Lives to Ashes

September 28th, 2011

Turning Their Lives to Ashes – the story of worker exploitation in the bidi industry in India. Produced by the Voluntary Health Association of India, 2009.

Voces Desde El Surco

September 28th, 2011

Voces Desde El Surco (Tobacco, Voices From The Fields) is a video created by Wara Alderete about tobacco farming in Jujuy, Argentina, 2005.

I am in control

September 27th, 2011

Video created by Wara Alderete about perspectives of youth about smoking in Jujuy, Argentina, 2005.

One match…

September 26th, 2011

The storyteller details an early memory of tobacco use and how she draws personal strength from her Native American background. The video was produced in a three-day workshop held at Denver-based Sisters of Color United for Education in March 2011.

The video was produced for the research project “Tobacco control and digital storytelling: Collaborative videography with Latino adults to promote health equity among Colorado Latinos” (#09-0099). The purpose of the project is to equip Latino adults with media literacy and video production skills for creating their own digital stories based on health narratives aimed at increasing the leadership capacity of Latino adults.

Funds for the project provided by the UC Denver Undergraduate Research Opportunity Program, and the Colorado Clinical & Translational Sciences Institute at the University of Colorado.

Krystle Alirez, Monica Fullmer and Hannah Nichols- 2010-11 UROP/CCTSI Award Recipients and Co-Principal Investigators.